Jorgen Brandell / Cosmetic Dentalcare
Jorgen did some great work on my front teeth.
They were refined, polished and finished with a porcelain surface.
He is truly one of the best in his league.

Håkan / Carneval Tattoo
Håkan at Carneval Tattoo is an amazing artist!
And you Will soon see the work he has done on my cheast.
And we Will keep on working together.

Kjell-Ove / Plastikkirurggruppen
Kjell-Ove is a very talented surgeon , that is especially good at nose reconstruction surgery.
He has done some amazing work on my nose and I truly recommend him!

DreamCollection has everything from lingerie, adult toys to latex/PVC.
They have supplied me with a lot of sexy outfits for my photosessions.
Even if you are interested in a romantic cuddle or an all out dirty evening .
DreamCollection has the things you need!

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